Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am a lucky girl...the butcher loves sushi!

So, this New Year's, instead of the big party, the noise, the hats...we went to our favorite sushi restaurant and had our favorite sushis!

Felice Anno Nuovo!

Beautiful Dumplings, stuffed with vegetables
Incredible red rice sushi with lobster, in a delicious avocado and broccoli sauce
This is the sentimental JMDTT (je m'ennui de toi toujours- I miss you always)- a rich combo of tuna, avocado, tempura in a spicy cajun-inspired sauce
A delicate dessert (A Geisha's delight), made of fresh melon dipped in melted chocolate, left to harden on the ice. An exercise in patience is needed to wait to eat them!
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