Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Food Snobbery

I have been trying to find my bearings in this crazy foodie world, and I have to tell you- it's scary!
There are all of these rules, and everyone seems welcoming but I fear that a snobbery lurks close beneath the surface.
I wanted to share stories, recipes, and have fun with other people who love food!
I don't want my pictures to be rejected because they don't look like they came out of a photo shoot for Bon Appetit! I took them in my kitchen! And I had a hungry butcher standing next to me asking me if it's time to eat yet! I can't make an extra one to photograph!
Alright, I am just ranting now, but I find this foodie, blogging world a little intimidating.
I know I am a great cook, and that I have something valuable to share, hopefully I will find the best way to do it!
OK, I feel better now.


  1. I totally know how you feel! There are lots of other sites that don't subscribe to one type of perfect food photo shot. Plus, I had to practice a lot and take some of the criticism as well to get better.

  2. You are awesome! Keep up the good work. Snobbery is the game of fools, it is refreshing to hear someone speak from the heart.


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