Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Frittata

I am multi posting today for a couple of reasons:

1- Game one of the Philly-Habs season is on and it's making me nervous, so I am distracting myself!
2- I have guilt from missing so much time from the blog

But, we've been cooking! And I have been taking pictures!
I have started a new job, and as everyone knows, that is a tough time and an exhausting one. I spend my day at a computer and when I get home, I just want to crash. But no more! Not only am I going to be smarter about my eating (summer dresses are a little tight), I am going to blog more since I really love it.

We decided the other week that we were not going to buy any food until we had emptied out the fridge as much as possible.

Insert everyone's frittata recipe here...

So, um, here's mine!

Spring Frittata

What you'll need:

4 eggs
Spinach (2 cups)
Asparagus (as much as you have!)
3 Tomatoes
Thinly sliced pancetta (you can use bacon, lardons, Canadian bacon, ham slices...anything you want!)
Grated parmesan

Preheat the oven to 350 (f)
In a large pan, preferrably with high sides, cook up the pancetta
As it starts to crisp on the side, add the asparagus
Wait a few minutes for it get bright green
Add the spinach
Once it has wilted down add the tomatoes (cubed)
Let everything simmer for about 2 minutes
Add the eggs
Salt & Pepper
There is no need to wisk everything up, just make sure all the veggies are covered
Wait until the sides are brown and come away from the sides
Top the frittata with grated parmesan
Put it in the oven and let it cook until the cheese is lightly browned

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