Thursday, November 19, 2009

I cannot tell a lie

...ok, maybe I can, but not about this!

We don't always cook, GASP!

I know, disappointing but true, sometimes we eat leftovers, or we order in some sinfully greasy grub and veg on the couch. I must admit that before I started dating T, I would eat crackers some nights. That's all, just crackers. Cooking for one is just not fun, all the mess and no one to share the creation with!

Anyways, I wanted to get this out of the way early on in our blogger/reader relationship. And, since I do love the places we order from, I will give Montreal foodies a head's up about some great places in the city that we love to go to.

One of our current passions is Vietnamese food, we love it. I have always been a fan, it's tasty, not too sinful and quite friendly on the budget! One of my favorite places is Pho Bac on St-Laurent (amongst 15 other "Pho" places on the same block). But, a great place that is closer to home is Huong Que on St Laurent (but further north, between Jean-Talon and Mozart). My favorite dish is Bun with lemongrass beef and noodles. It's amazingly fresh, there is mint and fresh cilantro in it which makes your mouth water at the thought of it. The beef is always hot off the skillet, and the noodles get coated with the lemongrass marinade on the meat. And on the side is a salad which adds this kick of cold, sweet, refreshing flavour to the whole dish.

If ever you're in the neighborhood, or looking for a night out, try this place- it's incredible!

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